How Building Greater Emotional Awareness can Help you Create Greater Financial Prosperity

For the longest time it was believed that showing emotions in the workplace will make it harder for you to get ahead in life, especially as a woman. In todays world however things are starting to change.

We are becoming more aware that suppressed emotions cause an excess of stress, can cause physical pain in the body, and can greater lower productivity and focus in the workplace.

Additionally, we are also discovering that showing emotional vulnerability, especially as a leader, is a sign of strength, and can actually raise morale in the workplace, as well as help people feel more connected and understood.

As entrepreneurs, we often work with other people’s problems. Our clients want to know that we have the solution, and that we understand what they are going through. The best way to achieve this, is by being able to connect on an emotional level.

The more you are able to connect with your own emotions, the more you will be able to connect with the emotions of others, as well as their underlying needs.

This process of emotional attunement is ideally learned within the first 3 years of age, but in many cases our caregivers are not attuned to their own needs and emotions, and thus cannot properly attune to ours. This is when insecure attachment develops.

In an insecure attachment a person will generally develop a sense of the world being an unsafe place, that they are not held and that their needs will not be adequately met by others.

In some cases this causes a person to overwork in life, to compensate and try to prove that they don’t need anyone else, and in other times a person will fail to try altogether, because they don’t see the point.

I’m sure you can see how this would effect your ability to create prosperity in your life with these stories running the show.

The good news in that we can always learn how to develop a more secure attachment and sense of self. We can learn that the world is safe, and that our needs can be met. We also learn that we can meet our own needs in a healthy and balanced way, by attuning to our own bodies.

When we are fully resourced and able to show up for ourselves, we are better able to show up for others. We have more energy to give, and have a more optimistic perspective on life. We’ve often been told that being selfish won’t get us ahead, but in this case, I advise you to become more selfish in the sense of learning who you are, what you feel and what you need in life. This will help not only you, but also your future clients.

Try these three things to become more attuned to your body.
1. Notice the sensations in your body.
2. Notice the emotions associated with those sensations.
3. Express what you’ve noticed to someone else, or write it in a journal.

Building this practice and awareness will help you not only get in touch with your own emotions, but also notice them in other people.

Much Peace and Love


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Julia X Warner

Hey! This blog is about my journey to personal health and empowerment. It talks about my motivation, my struggles and what I’ve learned along the way.