Dieting Myths and Misconceptions: 1

Julia X Warner
5 min readJun 10, 2022


Dieting Myths and Misconceptions: Session 1

“If I go on a diet, I’ll have to give up all of my favourite foods.”

This sounds legit right? I’ve heard so many people, and even my own brain will try to convince me of this, that I will miss my favourite foods, when I’m on a cleanse, and I’ll just be craving them, or I’ll be sad watching everyone else eating them, when I’m not.

I’m going to start this off by telling you a story, about a show I use to watch when I was younger, called Christopher the Christmas Tree. It was a cartoon episode that would only come on at Christmas time, about once a year, and I absolutely loved it. I would wait every year searching the channels furiously to ensure that I got to watch this show.

Then, one year something tragic happened. The show didn’t come on. Then the next year and the next. I couldn’t find it anywhere! It was devastating. But I was getting older, and honestly probably too old to find enjoyment in the show anymore anyway, but still.

Then, one year, miraculously, the show appeared in the guide again! I knew I could count on YTV to pull through. So I set the timer, and made sure I could watch the show. Nothing was going to stop me this time.

So here I was, sitting in front of the t.v, watching this half hour show, about a Christmas tree that gets chopped down, and you know what? It was the stupidest effing show I’ve ever seen in my life.

I was just sitting there thinking, why did I use to like this? Why was I so excited about this show? This show is so boring.

And this, I’ve come to find out, is the exact same reaction I’ve had after cutting out processed foods, and then trying something that use to be one of my “favourite foods.”

It either tastes sickeningly sweet, or too bland, or like cardboard, and then I feel shitty afterwords, and bloated, and irritable, or oddly hyper, and brain foggy, and my farts smell like what you would imagine an abandoned meat farm would smell like when it was rediscovered 3 years later….it’s not good guys, it’s just not good.

So why, I find myself asking myself, was I so tied up in this “dream” food, that I was so excited to eat, when now, all of a sudden it tastes like sh*t.

Okay, so here’s why, and this is also why you’re not going to miss your “favourite foods” after you stop eating them, and why you’re actually going to be excited to eat other fresh foods even more.

Our favourite foods, are often only our favourite foods because we have some kind of positive memory associated around them, and they give us an instant dopamine hit.

It’s that simple. You’re not really missing the food, or it’s taste. You’re missing the feeling you get when you eat it, and the association you have with it.

This is exactly why you could be craving fast food for weeks on end, and then when you go to eat it, it doesn’t fully satisfy the craving. Because you’re not really craving the food, you’re craving the company you had the first time you ate the food, or the energy rush it gave you.

When you start to eat healthy, ie. whole, unprocessed foods, your taste buds will actually start to change. You’ll be able to notice the subtle flavours of fruits and vegetables better. Your foods will taste more dynamic, more flavourful. They will become more satiating, as the higher nutrient quality will leave you feeling full, and not looking for a snack after your meal, (which is also usually just the brains way of asking for another dopamine hit).

You’ll begin to build more serotonin, that will leave you feeling good for longer, rather than the constant ups and down that come from simple carbs. Which means your hormone levels will also be more stable, i.e less mood swings.

And what’s even more beautiful, is that you’ll just plain develop new favourite foods. You won’t even be thinking about the ones you use to “enjoy”, or when you do think about them, they won’t appeal to you in the same way.

But watch out, you’ll be temped to try them again, and when you do, they will likely have a strong hook. Not because of the taste, but because of the rush.

So I suggest, build new happy memories, with healthier food. Find more natural ways to get high off life, like exercise, or facing your fears, so you don’t seek that high through food. Do things that excite you, (other than fighting with your partner…again, that’s another story for another time).

Let me know in the comments down below. What’s the 1 food you think you’d miss the most if you all of a sudden couldn’t have it anymore. For anyone that’s interested, I’ll offer a few counter solutions, that might help the craving, and leave you feeling even more satisfied.

Future myths and Misconceptions: Coming Soon

“I don’t like healthy foods”, and

“My body doesn’t digest them well”.

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Much peace and love



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