Are you a successful women who often feels overworked and exhausted, yet never really feels the happiness that comes with your success?

Do you feel as though your relationships are never as deep as you want them to be, and that you’re looking for a love that doesn’t seem to…

— A 6 week group coaching program to help you get off the hamster wheel, and take back control of your health! —

Are you a woman who has seen success by receiving a honourable education, creating a steady job, and have a loving family? You are seen as having your life together in many ways, and you feel accomplished in most areas of your life — except when it comes to your…

I watched a really interesting documentary the other night about some research that Gabor Mate has done. “The Wisdom of Trauma,” described the relationship between trauma and addiction, and stated that Addiction is the result of unprocessed trauma. …

Julia X Warner

Hey! This blog is about my journey to personal health and empowerment. It talks about my motivation, my struggles and what I’ve learned along the way.

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